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          1. Publications


            University Publications




            Annual Report

            An annual account of the University's major activities and development.


            PolyU Milestones

            A bi-annual magazine carrying mainly reports on PolyU’s research achievements and success stories.



            A monthly e-newsletter covering latest news of the University’s achievements and developments.



            Introductory leaflet resized

            University Brochure

            A brochure featuring PolyU’s latest developments with updated facts and figures in professional education, innovative research, business and industry partnerships, community services, lifelong learning as well as its network in the Chinese mainland and overseas.

            Strategic Plan 2019/20 – 2024/25

            The Strategic Plan outlines the key goals and strategies for University development during the period 2019/20 – 2024/25.

            Introductory Booklet

            A leaflet giving a brief introduction on the University.

            Anniversary Publications
            80th Anniversary Publication 70thAnniversaryPublication


            80th Anniversary Publication

            An album commemorating the 80th anniversary of PolyU through photos of landmark occasions and memorable milestones from the founding of the institution to the present in which the PolyU community can justly take pride.

            75th Anniversary Publication

            A report sharing PolyU's history and highlighting development through images in areas across education, research, knowledge transfer, national connections, community service and campus expansion from 1937 to 2012.

            70th Anniversary Publication

            A Photographic Portrait published in 2007 celebrating the 70th anniversary of the institution by presenting different facets of its development over the years in concrete images.


            65th Anniversary Publication

            65 Years of Education and Innovation was published in 2002 highlighting major achievements of the institution attained from 1937 when it was known as the Government Trade School to 2002.




            English-Chinese Glossary of Commonly Used Terms in PolyU