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          1. Public Affairs

            CPA works closely with the media, and through the media we inform our stakeholders

            and the public about the work and achievements of the University.

            Crisis and Issues Management
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            CPA addresses crises and major or sensitive issues related to the University through developing contingency plans for identified scenario and communicating decisive and proactive responses with stakeholders and the media as events unfold.     

            Media Events
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            Publicity mileage is achieved for the University by issuing media releases, lining up media interviews, organizing media conferences and other media functions.


            Media Monitoring
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            CPA updates senior management through daily news clippings and PolyU staff through weekly summary of major news reports concerning the University. PolyU staff can also visit WiseNews (www.lib.polyu.edu.hk/newspapers) through the webpage of Pao Yue-kong Library for daily updates of media coverage on PolyU.

            PolyU Experts Directory
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            The Directory, including contact information of the University’s faculty and department experts as well as the scope of their expertise, aims to facilitate members of the media and the general public to gather information for news reporting or to seek professional advice from our experts in various disciplines and research areas.

            Advice on Media Relations
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            PolyU staff are welcome to contact CPA for advice on how to publicize their research projects, events or activities, or how to handle a particular media enquiry.


            Green Deck Initiative

            The University proposed the construction of a Green Deck over the Cross Harbour Tunnel plaza to improve the environment and to benefit the neighbouring community. CPA facilitates the dialogue with the community by organizing regular engagement activities, including forums, conferences, and exhibitions, to raise awareness for the project.


            Campus Extension Project at
            Ho Man Tin
            Images for Campus Extension Project at Ho Man Tin

            CPA initiates community engagement programmes for the University’s campus expansion project at Ho Man Tin.