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          1. About CPA
            Communications and Public Affairs Office

            Our vision is to deliver the best possible quality professional services related to

            communications and public affairs with a view to facilitating the achievement of our

            University's mission and the implementation of its strategic plan.


            Our Mission
            • To enhance the brand image of PolyU as a world-class university, excelling in education,
              research and knowledge transfer.
            • To steer the marketing of our activities and achievements to local, national and
              international target audiences with active participation of the entire university community
              and through building up the capabilities of PR and marketing colleagues.
            • To facilitate the strategic connections and conversation for a two-way management-staff
            • To deliver a wide range of communication services for the senior management.
            • To strengthen ties within the PolyU community and with various key external stakeholders.
            • To manage issues and crisis.


            Areas of Work